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Savannah is a beautiful area filled with history and different styles. Finding your way around and where you want to live can be a difficult task. I thought I would try to break down different places for different styles of people.
Explore the Savannah area - Discover YOUR home.
Explore the Savannah area - Discover YOUR home.

      The laid back and easy going person will do well on the islands. People there like to take their time and enjoy life. They have great views and wonderful scenery all around. When you drive out there, you feel like you have been transported to an exotic island as you drive down palm tree lined roads. People that love beaches for a backyard have found the right place on the islands. Even if you can't afford to have the beach in your backyard, there are plenty of homes will get you close. Most homes are the bungalow style up on stilts to prevent flooding.

      The history buff will be in heaven in the historic district of Savannah. All the old Victorian homes with trees covered in Spanish moss. There are many different styles of old buildings around the squares. Almost all the squares were the originals from the town plan in 1733. The boundaries of the Savannah Historic District are the Savannah River, East Broad Street, Gwinnett Street, and Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard. There are tours available and lots to look at. Some of the most notable buildings are Owens-Thomas House built in 1818 on Oglethorpe square, the Edmund Molyneux Mansion built around 1917 on Bull Street, Spencer Woodbridge House built in 1795 on Habersham Street, and the Greene House built in 1853 on Madison square.

      For people that like love city living, there is the downtown Savannah area. It is close to shops, restaurants, malls, and everything there is to offer. Some streets still have the old cobblestone. The homes are older and close to one another. This is also a great place for someone looking to invest. The Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah Technical College, Savannah State University, South College, and Armstrong Atlantic State University create great opportunities for rental incomes. Most of these homes are old cinder block or brick bungalow style homes. There are some single and double story homes and duplexes.

      If you like being close to everything without being in the center, the Southside is for you. The Southside consists of many different communities south of Hunter Army Airfield and continuing west. There are older communities with simple ranches, to communities with "low country" one and two story homes, and communities that used to be big plantations. Armstrong Atlantic State University is located here which make it ideal for university staff and military. Also with the addition of the Southwest Bypass, the area is great for commuters. There are two rivers in the area that allow for scenic views, boating, and water access. The Savannah Mall is around ten minutes away along with all kinds of shops and eateries.

      People that want to be farther from the city in newer homes and communities have a place in the Savannah area too. There are many places that are growing rapidly outside the city but are still within 30 to 45 minutes. Richmond Hill in Bryan County is a great place. It's growing by leaps and bounds. There are still places with lots of land for those that love to have room. It is convenient to both Hunter Army Airfield and to Fort Stewart. West Chatham County is another option. It consists of Pooler, Port Wentworth, and part of Bloomingdale. It is impossible to drive anywhere without seeing something being built. The growth is this area is impressive. There are plenty of new communities that offer different amenities, so be sure to look around. There is something for everyone out here. If you want a more country feel, Effingham County is for you. Although South Effingham has experienced and will be experiencing a lot of growth, there are still some areas untouched. You can also find new communities here as well along with places with acreage.

      Basically, the Savannah area has something to fit everyone. It's only a matter of finding it.

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